Unite as one

Swissquote is a team made up of a diversity of backgrounds, cultures, nationalities and skills which makes us such a unique business and what we are today.

We encourage you to challenge yourself, to push your colleagues from their comfort zones, to work together so we are stronger, faster and smarter at what we do.

So, collaborate with your colleagues, work with our partners and listen to our customers as we will achieve our vision united as one.

Dare to be different

We want to be innovators, pioneers, game-changers, stimulated by the endless possibilities of re-engineering trading - Think big!

We want to create the most inspiring working environment in the financial industry where new ideas and technologies are imagined and brought to life and where the norm is challenged by asking questions like; what if? Why not?

We want to create a freethinking environment where curiosity and debate is celebrated and the boundaries of technology and customers service are pushed beyond expectations.

We are professionally disruptive.

Do the right thing

Integrity is one of our most important values, it is the backbone of Swissquote.

We are consummate professionals, we will always abide by the regulations of our industry and do the right thing for our customers.

We are fair, honest, respectful and transparent in our dealings with our customers, staff, colleagues and partners.

Swissness - we may be pioneers and game-changers but everything we do will be considered and done for the right reasons for our customers’ benefit.


In pursuit of excellence

We may be 20 years old but we are as enthusiastic, energetic and determined as we were when we started.

Swissquote is a highly motivated, agile, youthful and spirited organisation that understands and operates in the world’s digital community.  We set the agenda extremely high for ourselves and for others to follow - so, good is never good enough as excellence is what we strive for.

We are an ambitious and refreshing premium Swiss group that wants to revolutionise the sector we work in.

Always say it how it is

Transparency and honesty is one of our business cornerstones and we believe it is the foundation of an enduring and trusting relationship.

We hide nothing from our customers and partners.

Our language is unambiguous and clear.

The information and opinion we deliver is unbiased and honest.

Champion the customer

The customers is the most important factor of our business and without them we have no business.

We must think ‘client first’ and be their champions at all times.

We must be obsessive about understanding our customers’ wants, needs and ambitions and create products and services that satisfy their appetite.

By understanding the customers, creating breathtaking service and products, enduring relationships will be born.

Our ambition is to make information, technology and products accessible to all so every investor in the world can make informed on-line investments.

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