Private account application 

Personal or joint account

(a) ID Verification (Non Expired)

  • Passport; or
  • Photocard Driving Licence; or
  • National ID Card


(b) Address Verification

  • Bank Statement; or
  • Utility Bill (gas, water, electric, landline telephone); or
  • Credit Card Statement


Address Verification:
The document must be dated within 3 months and include your full name and current residential address, and the issuer and date must be visible.

We do not accept: TV licenses, mobile phone bills, insurance bills, electronically generated PDF or internet printouts statements/bills and documents for PO BOX addresses.

All copies must be certified by a lawyer, solicitor, accountant, bank manager or notary public as a "true copy of the original". It must include the stamp, full name, address, registration/ employee number, date and signature of the person performing the certification. The certification must be carried out within 3 months on the copy of the document and the person that certifies the document must be independent and have no connection to the individual or company.

Please Note
If you have applied for a joint account we require both applicants to provide the necessary documentation.

We may call for certain additional supporting documents including evidence of source of wealth or funds.

Please scan full, clear, copies of the required documents and send them to us by email at

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