CHF 100.- Trading Credit for you and your friends!

Are your friends and acquaintances interested in trading? Recommend Swissquote! You and your friends will receive a Trading Credit of CHF 100.-*

Sponsor your friends in three steps


1. Log into your Swissquote account. You can find your sponsor number under «My Profile», Account Holder Information.


2. Sponsor several people at the same time! Just give your sponsor number to the persons of your choice, as it must be included in the account application form.


3. As soon as a friend opens an account and deposits CHF 100.-, you will receive your CHF 100.-Trading Credit.

Have you been enlisted?


1. Fill up the sign up form.


2. Don't forget to enter the sponsor number in the corresponding field.


3. Once your account opened and you have made a deposit of CHF 100.-, you will receive your CHF 100.- Trading Credit.



What is a Trading Credit?

A Trading Credit is a virtual amount with a variable value, the referral amount totalling CHF 100.-. This amount is available for your trades. Once you make transactions online, the brokerage incurred for these transactions will be deducted automatically from your Trading Credit. If, for example, brokerage comes to CHF 25.-, this amount will be deducted from the CHF 100.- of your Trading Credit.

The Trading Credit cannot be paid out in cash and is valid for up to three months. It ceases to be available once the validity period has expired, even if it has not been used in its entirety.

If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact our Customer Care Center on 0848 25 88 88 (+41 44 825 88 88 from outside Switzerland), Monday through Friday, 8 am – 10 pm.

*See Terms and Conditions