ePrivate Banking

Great ambitions are in human nature

Digital asset management

Convenient, straightforward and affordable.

We develop robots to facilitate our work, achieve accurate results, improve our performance and, of course, to save time.

Swissquote’s Robo-Advisor is the ideal way to achieve these ambitions: it manages your assets around the clock, giving you time to focus on essentials.

This tireless asset manager is completely devoid of emotion; it ensures that your risk profile and investment requirements are respected, and it reallocates appropriately when required to keep your portfolio on the best possible track.


Intelligent robots improve our day-to-day life. Why not our investments too?


Switzerland’s first Robo-Advisor

In 2010, Swissquote launched ePrivate Banking, Switzerland’s first digital asset manager, and became the pioneer in online asset management.  


An algorithm as investment advisor

Our Robo-Advisor uses the same algorithm, as Swissquote’s Quant Fund. In 2016, this Fund was presented with the Lipper Fund Award for the best performance over 3 years.


Cutting-edge technology accessible to everyone

Currency hedging, personal risk-profile monitoring, reallocations, analysis of thousands of securities, consideration of historical data, market cycles - Robo-Advisor does all this for you. It is also reasonably priced and transparent with an «all-in fee».